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Radio Peligrosa S2E2

Welcome back. In this episode of Radio Peligrosa, King Louie talks with Orión García about footwork, old Peligrosa SX parties, Principe Q’s chanclas and more.

As noted in the podcast i’ll leave some notes here so you can check out some of the things we’re talking about.

Louie ask’s about footwork and Orion didn’t say much so briefly and super generally, Footwork is an offshoot of Juke House, Juke House/Chicago Juke is a progression of Ghetto House starting in the late 90s in Chicago, upping the bpms to 160 and using drum machines instead of drum samples.

Okay so here’s the picture of Diplo we talked about but I don’t think that’s Maluca, also I’m not entirely sure this is Iron Gate.

Either way the Peligrosa SX party that year was awesome. We teamed up with Tormenta Tropical and check the line up like woah. It was 2010 so a lot of Orion’s posters and parties said Raw Word Records, which was never technically a label, lol.

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Peep Svani’s Chanclas

Grab Cumbia Crates Vol. 5 here.

Listen to Nurrydogs single with Dromedarios Mágicos here.

Grab the Boombah EP featuring Gingee, Dead Stare and First Gift here.

And lastly Orion and Erin in lego form in Hondarribia.

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