Cuyo & El Dusty Splice Packs

It’s a real task to find samples that haven’t been reformatted a million times. When you do they’re often repurposed from a different packs, not at all what you’re looking for, or just sound like dookie. That’s why I want to share two useful splice packs with you. We’re not affiliated with splice in any way but these are the hommies doing their thing so use em if you need.

First up is Cuyo’s Geosonics Vol. 1: Ether Clear Edition. Cuyo is a real one and we’ve been blessed to have him come play a couple Peligrosa parties the last couple of years. He’s a huge advocate for the environment and a real selfless human. A real one as they say.

The pack isn’t ‘latin’ persay but we’re always down to help out where we can and some of the content was recorded in our studio. From the description:

“Austin-based producer Cuyo weaves together ephemeral geo-sonic experiments in organic and digital textures to create stunning atmospheres, soundscapes, and dance tracks. In his Splice pack, find a wide range of elegant and textured atmospheres, tons of various drum sounds, ambient textures, FX, and so much more. These sounds are primed for any type of electronic dance track and just waiting for you to experiment with. Special thanks to Peligrosa Studios for helping with the recordings.”

Pick up the pack here. And follow him on instagram here.

Up next is the OG Peligrosa members new pack El Dusty: Sounds of Cumbia. Everybody should know El Dusty by now, Corpus Christi’s man of the year, Americano label owner, Produce head honcho, loving husband and avid chihuahua supporter and a Latin grammy nominated producer. Dus played our first ever Peligrosa back in 2007 at scoot inn and he’s been hustling ever since (technically he’s never not been hustling). That’s why it’s imperative that I share this much needed selection of samples with you. As popular as Cumbia is, this is the only pack on splice that features instruments we use and hear in almost every cumbia track you’ll ever hear.

From the description:

“El Dusty is a producer, DJ, and nu cumbia heavyweight who loads chopped up clips of Latin music into his MPC2000 sampler to create energy-packed productions. His sample pack combines sounds from cumbia with his signature flair – move the crowd with his pack.”

If you need some congas or some guacharaca’s or some llamador’s in your tracks, hollr at this splice pack, it’s one of 2 splice packs that pop up when you search for cumbia (that tribal one isn’t specifically cumbia derp).

You can grab the pack here. And follow El Dusty on IG here.

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